Meet your 2017 Youth Ambassadors 

For over 25 years, the World Vision and Sanitarium Youth Ambassador programme has inspired and challenged young people to unleash their voice to create a more equal world.

This year we have 18 Youth Ambassador’s from around the country who are engaging with schools, meeting with and guiding student leaders, and standing on stages to share their story to inspire youth to act and participate in the 40 Hour Famine. Three Youth Ambassadors were given the opportunity to travel to Jordan earlier this year to learn about World Vision's work with Syrian refugees and see where the money went from the 2016 40 Hour Famine.

Meet Julia, Pio & Miranda who travelled to Jordan in January

“In Jordan I learnt that in fleeing this conflict, these people did not only lose their possessions but also their identity, security and dignity. The families desperately asked us to not let them become intangible statistics or faceless millions but rather to talk about them and treat them as human beings whose lives matter. 

“I am excited that this year the campaign is centred around one generation – done by Kiwis for our Syrian brothers and sisters. I’m looking forward to seeing the creative ways that we can bring justice and love to our world.”

- Julia

“In Jordan I saw many Child Friendly Spaces and schools that were put up because of the funds raised last year. I saw and heard stories of children having their whole lives changed. They were taken from a place of hopelessness into a place of hope.

“This 40 Hour Famine I’m excited to see young New Zealanders uniting to care about the world we live in. It’s more than just any annual weekend activity. By making a small sacrifice over 40 hours, you are seriously changing the lives of vulnerable kids in the places that need it most.”

- Pio

"While in Jordan I saw children laughing in the Child Friendly Spaces, just like I did when I was five, but I also saw a boy with the sad lifeless eyes. He is my why for 40 Hour Famine this year. I am inspired to raise money so children can be children again, so they can laugh and sing.

"Not only is the 40 Hour Famine a great way to give back, but it brings empowerment to the youth of New Zealand. I am excited to see the youth across New Zealand stand together for our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world."

- Miranda

Let's show the world what happens when our generation is united

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