5 tips to make your fundraising soar

5 tips to make your fundraising soar
Thank you for stepping up to make real and lasting change in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children and their families. To help you meet your fundraising goal, here are five tried and proven tips: 

TIP 1: Make your fundraising page unique to you
Upload your own photos, especially ones featuring you or any fundraising activities you’re involved in. Write your own mission statement so everyone knows what you are fundraising for and why it’s important to you. When people see your passion, it will inspire them to give. Set your target high to motivate your supporters to give that little bit extra. And don’t forget to post regular updates on how your fundraising is going to keep everyone in the loop and excited to help you. 

TIP 2: Download the World Vision New Zealand app for your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play
With the World Vision app you can fundraise anytime and anywhere right from your phone. You can easily connect with all your contacts to ask for their support.

TIP 3: Get your donations rolling 
Get in first and donate to your own fundraiser. It will show everyone how committed you are to the cause and that you are willing to lead the way. Remember, the amount you donate will set the bar for others to donate a similar amount.  
TIP 4: Share, share and share again 
Tweet, post, share, snap – wherever you hang out online, make sure your friends know what you are doing and why. Fill their social media feeds with goodness. You might be surprised just how many people see what you’re up to and want to donate. And remember to thank them when they donate and share!
TIP 5: Let everyone know what their money can achieve 
Make it easy for your supporters to know where their money goes by telling them. Every dollar makes a difference to a child’s life so share the power of their dollars far and wide: 
  • $45: Provides 5 children with clean water
  • $75: Provides 7 children with an education 
  • $125: Provides 12 children with life-saving healthcare