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Water Works

Water Works

Published by World Vision New Zealand, 2011
Years: 7 and 8

Finding enough, safe water is a challenge for one in every six people in the world. Through this integrated study students will explore themes relating to water in a range of environments and contexts including New Zealand, Asia and Africa. Each teaching unit on this CD aligns with Level 4 achievement objectives and includes: a suggested lesson sequence, a variety of teaching resources, student worksheets and an assessment task with rubric.

English – discuss and create poetic writing about water-related themes.

Health – examine water accessibility in New Zealand and make safe choices related to water hygiene in a range of contexts.

Maths – use water facts and scenarios to solve related number problems including fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Science – investigate how living things are adapted to survive in environments with different types and amounts of water.

Social Studies – learn how people from different places solve water-related problems with innovation.

Technology – develop a model to pump water for a purpose.

Visual Arts – research, generate and develop ideas to create, construct and decorate a water carrier sculpture.
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