We go where we are needed most

What we do

We go where we are needed most

We provide relief in emergency situations, work on long-term community development projects and advocate for local and global political change to assist millions of people worldwide


Transformational development 

We work alongside community members through sustainable, long-term community-based initiatives to transform entire communities. 

From helping communities build water wells for safe drinking water, to working together to build schools, World Vision's projects all place special emphasis on the wellbeing of children. Working with communities is the most effective way to help them achieve safer, healthier futures, and move towards self-sufficiency.

World Vision works not just with locals, but with governments, and other agencies and NGOs, so these changes can last long after we've gone.

Learn more about our community projects


Emergency relief

We respond to natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods; to slow-onset emergencies like droughts; and to emergencies fuelled by conflict and war.

Our priority is always to save lives. We focus on children, especially those left vulnerable because they have lost parents or carers, or who have been left homeless. 

Our first aim in an emergency is to provide immediate aid. As our response continues, we work with communities to help them build back their lives, ensuring that they are prepared for future emergencies. Emergency responses in conflict zones include working towards peaceful outcomes.

  Learn more about our emergency response


Promotion of justice

We advocate for people affected by injustice and poverty. It is about challenging and changing the policies, systems, structures, practices and attitudes that make it difficult for vulnerable children and their families to escape living in poverty. 

We do this at local, national, regional and global levels, informed by our experience working with communities. From lobbying global institutions such as the United Nations, to working with children, parents and leaders in communities where we operate. The promotion of justice is critical to our work.

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to where needed most

Enable us to respond quickly in areas of greatest need.

$45/month creates lasting change

When you sponsor a child, you join many other Kiwis - and your sponsored child's community - in working to create lasting change.

We work alongside the entire community to make changes in healthcare, sanitation, education, livelihoods, food security, and child protection, ensuring that everyone in the community experiences life in all its fullness.

Join our team

Join our team

World Vision New Zealand and its partnership offices employ people all over the world to fight poverty and injustice. 

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Council for International Development Member 

World Vision New Zealand is a member of the Council for International Development (CID) and is a signatory to the CID Code of Conduct. The Code requires members to meet high standards of corporate governance, public accountability and financial management. Complaints relating to alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct by any signatory agency can be made to the CID Code of Conduct Committee.

More information about the CID Code of Conduct can be obtained from World Vision New Zealalnd by emailing email@worldvision.org.nz and from CID at www.cid.org.nz or by emailing code@cid.org.nz 


World Vision New Zealand is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (registration CC25984), making donations tax refundable.