World Vision’s Amber Alert System saves Savoeun

World Vision’s Amber Alert System saves Savoeun

Savoeun, age 15 (right), thought she was going to get a good-paying job to help out with the family’s expenses. When her friend invited her to a well-paying job outside her village, she trusted her. Packed with a small bag of her belongings and her sister’s stolen birth certificate, she got into a motortaxi to begin a new life. Little did she know, traffickers act as friends to the girls who they then traffic.

Savoeun’s sister, Simean, age 21 (left), noticed that she didn’t come into work that day. Simean called her family after hearing rumours her sister had gone to work in Malaysia. That call saved Savoeun’s life. World Vision was working in the village to help prevent trafficking of young people in their community – a Cambodian-style Amber Alert system.

The alert sent out a message far and wide, mobilising family, friends, local officials, co-workers, the police, community members, and the children of two villages to come together in a single task: bringing Savoeun home alive. Through the Amber Alert system they learnt who she was with and were able to get Savoeun back. 

Now 20 years old, she works in the family business, selling food supplies and drinks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with full awareness of the dangers of trafficking.