Angelina’s entrepreneurial journey

Angelina’s entrepreneurial journey

Today I met Angelina, a farming entrepreneur. She is a cattle farmer and also farms maize and sunflower to make oil. She is cheerful as she welcomes me to her farm and she tells me a bit of her story as a single mother with five children.  
“I didn’t have money to send my children to school, they had to stay home and work with me to earn a little so we could have at least one meal a day,” she tells me. “At that time life was so difficult for me and my children, but I faced the challenges and thanks to World Vision for their support.’’  
Angelina’s family was given a cow and she took part in various training sessions on farming, breeding cattle and entrepreneurship. With that help, Angelina’s kids have now grown healthy and educated, and some of her older children have even gone on to start their own families.  
“I am grateful that my children are doing well. I have no worries about food, health and shelter.” She continues, “I am thankful to World Vision for all that has happened in my life.”  
Life has indeed changed for Angelina and her children. And now, Angelina stays in her new home enjoying life raising her grandchildren.