Now more than ever, we need big hearts and a connected world to meet the crises of Coronavirus, climate breakdown, and the global recession together.

Join us in calling for a Collective Resilience Plan.

COVID-19 is creating a crisis unlike any we've known before. It's threatening the lives of the worlds poorest children as they become more vulnerable to exploitation, hunger and diseases. We need to act, and we need to act fast.

As a part of our biggest ever global emergency response, World Vision has partnered with Oxfam, Christian World Service, and The Anglican Movement Diocese of Wellington, to call on our government to increase foreign aid in the wake of COVID-19.

<h3>We need your help!</h3>

We need your help!

Sign this petition to join us in calling for a Collective Resilience Plan that helps New Zealand build a strong global community.

To the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance Minister, we call on you to implement a Collective Resilience Plan in Budget 2021 that provides:

  • A 20% boost to the overseas aid budget, plus;
  • A doubling of finance for overseas climate action from new and additional sources, and;
  • Adopt a target for getting aid spending to 0.7% of gross national income by 2030.

You can also download and send this letter to Hon Nanaia Mahuta, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade explaining why you feel foreign aid should be increased.