Keeping girls in school in Asia


Our education work in Asia is creating better futures

Our education work in Asia is creating better futures</br></br>

When it comes to primary school, Asia is a success story, in fact 9 out of 10 children are enrolled. But once primary school finishes, it’s a different picture - many girls stop going. 

This puts them at a much higher risk of sex trafficking, child labour, and child marriage. Quite simply, girls are being exploited across Asia because they are not getting an education.

So we're doing all that we can to get more girls in school. We’re working to pull down barriers that stop girls being in the classroom. We’re helping to provide quality education, for both boys and girls, so that they can have safe futures. We're also working to help people with disabilities get further education, and ensuring mums and dads know how important education is for their children. 

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