Beirut Blast: Emergency Appeal

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In the blink of an eye, Syrian refugees have lost the little they had left. Their homes. Their bedding. Their pots and pans to cook with. The food to put in them.
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This blast compounds an existing crisis, impacting all areas of life for Syrian refugees.

Life for the more than 915,000 Syrian refugees living in Lebanon is already a struggle. The economic crisis in Lebanon has caused food and livelihood insecurity, and COVID-19 has made these situations so much worse.

The devastating blast killed 34 Syrian refugees, and the United Nations fears that there are many more.

With your help, we have been supporting Syrian refugees throughout these compounding crises; Syria's deadly war, the economic crisis, COVID-19, and now the aftermath of this catastrophic explosion.

The blast has damaged the World Vision warehouse in Beirut where supplies for Syrian refugees such as food, medicine, educational and hygiene supplies were stored. We urgently need your help to get life-saving aid to Syrian refugees.

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Syrian refugee children desperately need your support now.

Syrian refugee children desperately need your support now.

Sara (14), Syrian refugee in Lebanon

It’s hard, almost impossible, to understand the sudden shock of what Syrian refugee children are now going through. But we don’t need to understand to help.

14-year-old Sara, has barely known a year of peace in her entire life. 

Sara has lived through the horror of war. The trauma of fleeing her country for her life. She’s known the constant ache of hunger. The pain of growing up in a refugee camp. The terror of Covid-19 let loose inside it. 

Right now, Sara needs you like she’s never needed you before.


“We are concerned for the health and safety of the people in Lebanon, especially all of those injured. We pray for their fast recovery, and for the souls of those who have passed away in this tragic blast,’’

- World Vision Lebanon National Director, Hans Bederski.

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