Myanmar Refugee Crisis

Families fleeing Myanmar are in desperate need. Our staff are on the ground and are reporting unimaginable suffering.

of refugees are pregnant or breastfeeding women
refugees are crossing the border every day
people have received emergency food from World Vision

Rayhana’s reality changed overnight

Our staff in Bangladesh met 23-year-old Rayhana earlier this month in one of the camps and she shared; “Life has been a struggle. No food, no water, no toilet and place to bathe. We can’t afford three meals a day.

"My 20-day-old baby cries for milk but I cannot produce enough, may be because I have not eaten, so no nutrition no breast milk. I know I should not feed other food, but what else could I feed him? I have to give him something to make his crying,” 

There is little food in the camps with most people surviving on one meal a day consisting of rice with salt. Our staff are also reporting significant numbers have no shelter and are staying out in open air. 

World Vision are distributing emergency food right now to families who have not eaten in days. 

World Vision is on the ground delivering food aid

We are helping those most affected by the crisis by focusing on the most vulnerable, most of whom identify as Rohingya. Orphaned children and those cared for only by their mothers as well as pregnant and lactating women and the elderly. We are coordinating with government authorities and non-profit relief groups to reach those most in need as efficiently as possible. Many are severely traumatised, and have seen family and friends brutally attacked and killed.  The need is huge. 

“The combination of tight enclosures, inadequate safe shelter and sanitation plus the on-going rains creates the perfect storm of disease. We are literally racing against time.” Fred Witteveen, World Vision Bangladesh

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