Clean water for the win

Clean water for the win

Stories of accessing clean and safe water in Malawi, where it was previously not possible, are stories of triumph. 

In Malawian culture, girls are required to collect water for use in their homes. In rural Malawi, water is scarce and many girls and children spend hours of their days simply collecting water for their families.  

This was the case for 15-year-old Patuma. The closest water source for her community was two kilometres away. Most of the time, she only managed to attend school three out of the five days every week because she had to walk back and forth to collect water. Back then, Patuma's dream of becoming a nurse seemed impossible. 

Now, the story is different. A new borehole in her community changed everything. A huge burden for girls like Patuma has been lifted. Water scarcity in Patuma's community is no longer an issue, and she revels at her short walk to collect water.  

She shares, "I will study hard and pursue my dreams." as she lifts her bucket and walks back home.