World Vision
40 Hour Famine

You did it! Your hard work is helping stop hunger in its tracks.

You raised a massive $1.8 million to help stop the hunger pandemic!

Over the 25-27th June, awesome, inspiring Kiwis across Aotearoa stepped up to shape history. Together, you stepped up to stop the hunger pandemic and save lives.

You've made a life-saving difference for kids who were facing starvation.

We can't thank you enough!

Together with tens of thousands of Kiwis, you raised a massive $1.8 million! The funds are already giving kids in sub-Saharan Africa life-saving food and their families the tools to build a hunger-free future. Thank you.

Right now, life-changing food assistance is reaching communities in need – and it's all because of you!

You're putting food on the table for children who go entire days without eating. You're planting seeds that will grow into vegetables to feed whole families for months and years to come. You're giving families chickens to provide daily eggs and organic fertiliser for fast-growing crops.

Because of you, thousands of children and families in sub-Saharan Africa are receiving life-saving food for today, and the tools they need for a hunger-free future. Here’s a snapshot of the incredible impact your hard-earned funds are already having!


You’ve already helped distribute 1600 fast-growing seeds to communities in Uganda. Thanks to you, families can grow nutritious food to feed their children and sell any extra produce.


You’ve helped give 294 families in Rwanda a chicken! Because of you, they’ll now have fresh eggs to eat, manure to help them grow veges, and chicks to sell for extra family income.


So far, your hard work has helped set up 112 new savings groups, helping over 2,240 families to improve their financial security and afford food in times of crisis. Thank you!


Because of you, 1,930 children facing extreme hunger have now received life-saving food assistance. Thanks to your support, more children are receiving life-saving food every day.


Thanks to you, the future for kids in Uganda is looking much brighter.

Thanks to you, the future for kids in Uganda is looking much brighter.

Sandra (14), Uganda

Hunger was a horrific reality for Sandra. Like so many other kids growing up in sub-Saharan Africa, she was lucky to eat once a day. But, thanks to thousands of amazing Kiwis like you, she wasn't alone.

You refused to stand by and watch the hunger pandemic happen. The funds you raised through the World Vision 40 Hour Famine are putting food on the table for children who go entire days without eating. We can't thank you enough!

In Sandra's community, you've made it possible to create a community garden that is almost as big as two soccer fields! Sandra is one of over 5,542 people already benefiting from a new community garden, thanks to you! "The community is really very happy and committed to maintaining this garden," says Paul, a local leader. "The beans are growing very quickly despite the drought. We expect to harvest at least 600 kilograms to distribute among the community."

Save the date for your next World Vision 40 Hour Famine 1-3 July 2022! We can't wait to see the life-changing impact you'll make next year.

Every year we're so inspired by the creative ways Kiwis challenge themselves to raise funds and awareness for children living in extreme poverty. 2021 was no exception - you blew us away! We love celebrating your amazing efforts. Check out all the 2021 World Vision 40 Hour Famine award winners.

Congratulations to your People's Choice: Auahatanga, Most Creative Award winners!


Quinn, Kiani, Kate and Aidan swam a total of 40km in the ocean, DURING WINTER for their World Vision 40 Hour Famine challenge! Ah-mazing work team!


Sara sewed a collection of clothes that she sold out in under an hour to raise funds for the World Vision 40 Hour Famine. So inspiring!


Pakuranga College students sold buckets of water for people to dump on the heads of their student leaders. Such an epic event!

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