Victor's story

At just 14-years-old Victor (pictured) has been forced to become Mum and Dad to his three siblings. They fled South Sudan from the violent civil war and made the month-long journey to safety in Northern Uganda. They’re still not sure where their parents are.

Victor and his brothers are now just a few of the thousands of children affected by conflict in South Sudan and are paying the price, through no fault of their own. Seven years on from the country’s independence these children’s hopes and dreams have turned to despair as famine, drought and civil war robs them of the future they’d dreamed of.

people from South Sudan have fled into Uganda
of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda are children
refugees in Uganda receive food assistance each month from World Vision

Let's make a difference for South Sudanese children in Uganda

Let's make a difference for South Sudanese children in Uganda
Thanks to caring people like you, World Vision has been able to help Victor and his brothers by providing them a safe place to live, monthly food rations, containers for carrying and storing water and even a solar lamp.  Our local World Vision staff have found a foster family to support Victor and his brothers and they check up on him regularly and are doing what they can to help him to find his parents.

World Vision has helped over 1,500 children like Victor and money raised from this year's 40 Hour Famine will make a huge difference in the lives of many more. Your fundraising will also support those crossing the border with emergency food, as well as setting them up in their new home in the refugee camp with cooking sets, blankets, and monthly food packs or cash allowances. 

Alongside this emergency response, we are planning for rehabilitation, resilience and self-reliance by helping communities establish agriculture and learn new skills so they can start small businesses. 
can help provide toys, puzzles and games for 10 children in child friendly spaces
can provide essentials to an unaccompanied kid, and the support of a community care worker
can fund an ‘essentials kit’ with blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito net, kitchen kits, soap and water containers for a newly arrived family

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