Rodney's passion for education

Rodney's passion for education

Meet Rodney, an Early Childhood Education teacher who started a school in 2014, in his own home. He tells me, “Every child has the right to be educated.” So, when there wasn’t anything available for the children in his area, he started teaching children aged 3-10 in his own home.  
He tells me it was hard at first and his house wasn’t the best learning environment, but he pushed through the challenges, and didn’t give up on the children or his teaching career. Then, with the help of the community, World Vision, and the local government, Rodney’s dreams of providing education to every child became more of a reality.  
“I am really happy that with the help of World Vision, I started to teach these children in a new building with more space and a good leaning environment. This my school and I am looking forward to taking in more children who deserve to be educated.” 
The new local Early Childhood Education centre opened last month and now the needs of the community children can be meet. It’s inspiring to see passionate people like Rodney make a difference in the lives of young children with the help of World Vision supporters. I’m so happy the children have an inspirational teacher to learn from.