South Sudanese farmers equipped against famine

South Sudanese farmers equipped against famine
In partnership with the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), World Vision has intensified the distribution of various seeds to farmers in all the areas around Juba.
With the current famine in South Sudan, World Vision has been the leading organisation behind improving the lives of thousands of farmers. By supporting and empowering farmers, families can continue growing food and lessen the impacts of famine.
Currently, World Vision is distributing fishing kits and different types of vegetable seeds including sorghum, cow peas, ground nut (peanuts) to five newly created counties. This three-month project is targeting 144,000 households.
Our hope is that each family should be able to produce food for their family and sell surplus in the ready markets in Juba so that they can buy what they cannot produce like medicine, soaps and salt among other basic household resources.
World Vision have previously provided seeds and training to groups of farmers here during the dry season. When I interviewed some of the farmers who have benefitted from these projects, they talked about its massive success.
Loro, the Chief of Rajaf, lauded the support World Vision is giving them, “this is the greatest assistance we have received from World Vision. Before, we were not able to cultivate other crops and vegetables because we can’t afford to buy them in the market due to the high prices,” he told me.
He urged all the members of his village to plant all the seeds they receive and reminded them that World Vision is always ready to guide any farmer who needs some assistance in farm maintenance.