Child Forum teach families the impact of early marriage

Child Forum teach families the impact of early marriage
“When I was only 15 my parents wanted to marry me off to secure my future. I was literally shocked! I was really not ready,” says 16-year-old Sabina, from a small town in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage worldwide with 52% of girls married by their 18th birthday. 

Though Sabina’s parents had the best intentions of securing a safe future for their daughter, they did not fully understand the impact of early marriage. “We did not understand that we were going to make a very dangerous decision,” her father shares. 

Sabina was determined to not get married. She turned to the local Child Forum, established by World Vision. Child Forum members and teachers are trained to educate and advocate for children in their community. When Sabina approached them, the Child Forum quickly acted and reached out to teachers, village police, and local leaders for support to stop the marriage. 

“Child Forum members and teachers met several times with my parents and tried to help them understand the bad effects of early marriage as well as the government policy and punishment against early marriage. They also tried to convince the man who wanted to marry me so that he would change his decision” Sabina shares. 

“The World Vision Child Forum members taught us about the effects of child marriage like the health hazards and barriers to education. Now we also work to stop early marriages. We are also determined to ensure Sabina gets a good education, so she can become a nurse,” shares Sabina’s mother proudly.