Meet Hani from Syria


At the age of eight, Hani was forced to say goodbye to a place filled with memories, happiness and joy – a place he used to call home. Hani moved from place to place and was constantly afraid for the future. All he wanted was the opportunity to learn and play again. Eventually, Hani, along with his parents and two younger siblings settled in a refugee camp outside of Syria. 

Life hasn’t been easy, but at least Hani is safe.

“Now we are here I get to go to school again. I love it so much. We have our own teacher and they let us play like we used to. I love everything about school. Although I’m scared of dogs because one chased me the other day, I still want to be a vet when I grow up,” said Hani.

No child should have experienced or witnessed the things he has seen. Fortunately, through returning to school, Hani along with many other children in similar situations are now given a safe place to play and learn. A place where kids can be kids, but more importantly, a place where they can finally begin to recover from all the terrible things they have seen. Adjusting to his new ‘home’, Hani is smiling again and for once since leaving home, hopeful for the future.

“I do think the rest of the world thinks about us. Even though they’re very far away they can see on the television that there’s still a war in Syria.”