Women’s support group empowering mothers

Women’s support group empowering mothers

When new mum Afroza from Bangladesh found out she was pregnant, she dreamed of giving birth to a healthy baby. As part of World Vision's work in her village, she was able to join a Pregnant Women Support Group, where she could attend sessions on how to care for herself and her baby. 

Through monthly check ups and educational brochures, Afroza was also given a recommended food menu and options for birth plans.

Caption: Afroza gets her blood pressure checked at one of the community’s clinics. 

Today, both mum and baby Sinita are thriving, "I am very happy to be blessed with a happy baby girl. Throughout the pregnancy, I maintained all of the advice from the support group and am continuing all kinds of child care to make sure my daughter remains healthy. Without this group, I don't think I would have had such a healthy baby, given our remote village area. I am so thankful," says Afroza.