Meet your Youth Ambassadors

The crew to help make this World Vision 40 Hour Challenge your best one yet!

Book an assembly talk or World Vision 40 Hour Challenge planning workshop now

If you're interested in becoming a Youth Ambassador in 2025, let us know if you're keen here. We're here to support you every step of the way. Right now, you can book a Youth Ambassador to come and talk at your school – in house meetings, whānau groups or to your teams. They'll cover what climate change looks like for our Asia-Pacific neighbours and how we can fight it together, working with nature to restore forests – fast. It's not all gloom and doom! A solution is literally at our feet...

We're also offering you a free 1-hour 40 Hour Challenge Planning Workshop to help your student leaders, prefects or service captains grow their leadership skills. They’ll come out of it with an action plan to lead the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge at your school. Get in touch by clicking the button below and we'll firm up the details to suit you. Together, we can regreen our future.



Paige feels extremely privileged to have grown up in Taranaki with enough food, a roof over her head and clean water to drink. She believes everyone is entitled to basic human rights. Paige is always down for a convo about making change and getting more people involved.



Jade is stoked to be part of the World Vision whānau. She says it's up to us to create a difference so our tamariki grow up in a society of change and hope. Giving people opportunities is really important to Jade. For her, no change we can create together is too small.



Taine grew up in Auckland. He loves getting stuck in, whether it's sport, theatre or education. Taine is passionate about opening our eyes to what’s happening in the world and what we can change for the future. He's excited to help make a positive and lasting difference.



Since Nora was 11, the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge has been a yearly rhythm in her life. Her prayer is that by igniting action through conversation here in Aotearoa, we might create impactful change where it's needed most. “If not us then who? If not now, then when?”

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