We go where we're needed most

We work in some of the most dangerous, hard-to-reach places across the world. 


Your kindness is reaching people in nearly 100 countries.



We work with communities in Africa to tackle the root cause of poverty. By establishing access to safe water, improving healthcare and education opportunities.



We partner with communities in Asia to ensure they have what they need to thrive. By improving family, livelihoods, and increasing access to education and healthcare.

 <center><h4>Middle East</h4></center>

Middle East

We work in the middle East to support children affected by conflict. Protecting children from violence, supporting their recovery, and improving their access to education.



We work in the Pacific to support growth and development. We are building resilience to climate change, natural disasters and developing economic opportunities.


We respond with life-saving speed when disaster strikes. Our response restores hope so people can rebuild their lives.

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Adam, Syria