Rohit soars to success

Rohit soars to success

14-year-old Rohit from India dreams of becoming a pilot.

Born with scoliosis, Rohit says he refuses to let it hold him back, and he is more determined than ever to achieve his dreams. "I go to school to gain an education, to become something in life and most importantly to disprove the stereotypical mind-set that children with special needs cannot become anything in life and their existence does not matter. We matter," he said.

With World Vision, he attends a group where children with disabilities come together. "I got to learn about our basic rights. I never knew them before. Now, I am empowered. It is always good to know that I am not alone in this struggle and there are others. I feel a sense of belonging and oneness there. World Vision gives me support, they stand by me. It is through such support I can accomplish my dreams."

Many of Rohit’s peers are influenced by his can-do attitude, and have recently selected him as the representative for the community’s children’s rights group. Now, he advocates for children with disabilities to the wider community and state officials by highlighting their rights and needs, “I want to prove to the world that people with disabilities have the ability to do so much more than they think.”