Millions face starvation

East Africa Hunger Crisis

Millions face starvation

In South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya tens of thousands of children could soon die as famine, food and water shortages, and conflict affects more than 22 million people.

World Vision is on the ground providing emergency life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable. With your help we can reach even more people in desperate need. Your support today will save lives.

Change a mum’s life this Mother’s Day

Smiles Gifts

Change a mum’s life this Mother’s Day

May 14th is Mother’s Day. The perfect day to change a mum’s life.

Mums make an incredible contribution to their families and communities, but even the strongest need a hand sometimes. Choose a Smiles gift today like a goat or help to start a business to help a mum care for her family. You will receive a Mother’s Day gift card to give to a special mum in your life.

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Our Generation United: 9-11 June 2017

40 Hour Famine

Our Generation United: 9-11 June 2017

The children of Syria certainly didn’t start the war, but arguably they’re the generation that has suffered the most. Right now there are hundreds of thousands of children, just like us, with no homes, no schools, an uncertain future and shattered dreams.

This 40 Hour Famine we are uniting to show these children that they are not forgotten.  

Because if not us, then who?

5 facts you should know on Malaria

Though eliminated in some parts of the world decades ago, malaria remains a significant public health problem threatening half the world’s population with sickness and even death. 

It disproportionately affects the most marginalized communities as they live in areas prone to mosquitos, are unable to afford preventative measures and have the least access to effective services. 

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The humans behind the numbers: Syria refugee crisis 

World Vision Youth Ambassador, Pio’s travelled to Jordan in January and heard the stories of the some of the millions affected by the Syrian refugee crisis.

“It was confronting to speak directly to the humans whose lives have been turned upside down by this crisis.” - Pio


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Change a vulnerable child’s world

Child Sponsorship

Change a vulnerable child’s world

Become part of their journey and invest in the community.

For $45 a month, together we can transform their lives by providing long-term solutions through child protection, education, healthcare, water & sanitation, economic development and food security. 

It's their time. SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY.