The one millionth South Sudanese refugee has crossed into Uganda

East Africa Hunger Crisis

The one millionth South Sudanese refugee has crossed into Uganda

Over 60% of South Sudanese refugees arriving in Uganda are children, many crossing the border alone.  These children have witnessed indescribable violence and need long term psychosocial support to deal with the stress caused by the conflict.

World Vision is on the ground continuing to provide life-saving support to the most vulnerable children and their families. Your support today will save lives.

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Working in conflict

World Vision staff member Benson is on the frontline working with children like 2-year-old Gladys who fled her home in South Sudan into Uganda.

Benson himself witnessed untold horror when at age 11 his father was killed by the LRA and he was forced to flee his home; “These children are just like me and my siblings when we were running for our lives in Northern Uganda. It is unthinkable why children go through this horror when they should never be a target.”

Every day, World Vision staff put their lives on the line for the world’s most vulnerable people. On World Humanitairan Day we honour them and their life-saving work on the frontline.

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A remarkable story. Live music. All welcome. 

Join us for the Night of Hope Series this September. Come along and hear Charles Kabena, a former sponsored child from Malawi recount his remarkable story of hardship, courage and transformation, alongside live music by award-winning artist Nathan King. 

This is a FREE event for all ages. Bring your family and friends and celebrate Charles' story of hope. 

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Change a life change a community

Start your sponsorship journey today. Together we can transform a child's life and that of their community.

For $50 a month we support the whole community through education, healthcare, water & sanitation facilities, food security and economic development opportunities to make change for the long term. 

93% of refugees in Lebanon do not have enough food

World Food Programme

93% of refugees in Lebanon do not have enough food

In the six years since the Syrian crisis began, Lebanon has taken in nearly 2 million refugees. This staggering number of families arrive with almost nothing and are exhausting local resources. 

World Vision New Zealand is working with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) right now in Bekaa and Rachaya in Lebanon, reaching the most vulnerable with food assistance. Your support will make a significant difference today. 

Pictured: Three siblings sit while their mum mourns the loss of her husband in Syria. Now in Lebanon, their mum has no way to support her children and depends on aid to survive.