Change a vulnerable child’s world

Child Sponsorship

Change a vulnerable child’s world

Become part of their journey and invest in the community.

For $45 a month, together we can transform their lives by providing long-term solutions through child protection, education, healthcare, water & sanitation, economic development and food security. 

It's their time. Sponsor a child today.

You can make a difference, you can change lives

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Help us be there for children living in crisis

Help us be there for children living in crisis

Over half a billion children are living in crisis situations around the world. Here, Syrian children stand at the edge of Za'atari camp, Jordan unable to attend school as they await war to end in their country. Our teams are there providing child friendly spaces to help children process their experiences and providing informal education.

We will not stand by as these children’s lives are lost or compromised. Join us in providing education, food, healthcare, clean water and safe places for children who need it most.

Thanks to you, sponsored children achieve great things

When World Vision moves on from a community, former sponsored children and their families are ready to continue building on the progress that has been made. 

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Our 10 favourite photos from 2016

To us, this picture of Tassy and Rosemary embodies friendship, trust and joy - three of many things we try to achieve with the communities we work with around the world.

Our team are passionate about sharing the stories of those they meet, including that of Rosemary so we put together a collection of our favourite moments in 2016.

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Help families who have fled Aleppo

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Help families who have fled Aleppo

There are now hundreds of thousands of displaced people outside Aleppo in freezing conditions. It is cramped, temperatures have plummeted and tents do not provide adequate shelter from the conditions. Our team are there, distributing blankets, mattresses and heaters with kerosene to help through the winter.