Together we are on a mission

To change the lives of the world's most vulnerable children.

This past year, World Vision New Zealand supported 260 individual projects, helping 3.1 million children across 25 different countries thanks to our generous supporters and partnerships.

What we do

What we do
We change lives, we do all that we can to save children's lives and ensure they have a future.

Community Development: We address not only immediate problems such as inadequate food and water supplies, or poor hygiene and health, but also long-term challenges such as food security, education, and economic stability.

Emergency Relief: Around the globe, pre-positioned supplies and experienced staff are ready to respond to emergencies with food, water, shelter, and safe spaces for children. Our goal, wherever possible, is supporting medium- to long-term recovery and rehabilitation.

Advocacy: Our advocacy work takes many forms and works at different levels to bring about change. Our aim is to encourage everyone to engage in the fight against poverty and injustice both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Where we work

Where we work
We go where we're needed most and work in some of the most dangerous, hard-to-reach places across the world.

Pacific: We are committed to working in the Pacific, addressing some of the highest levels of poverty and vulnerability in partnership with the New Zealand Government, local government, NGO’s and communities. 

Asia: Our work in communities across Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Vietnam focus on supporting long-term projects, ensuring lasting impact and empowered communities.

Africa: World Vision works in communities with reasonable political, social and environmental stability in Niger, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi. 

Middle East: We work in the Middle East primarily in response to humanitarian crisis caused by political and social conflict. 

It’s your generosity that enables us to bring positive change to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children

Allocation of income

Allocation of income
We work hard to ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact. World Vision New Zealand is: 

  • registered with the Charities Commission (registration CC25984) 
  • a member of the Council for International Development (CID) and is a signatory to the CID Code of Conduct (
  • externally and independently audited every year by PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand. The auditor's full financial report can be downloaded here.
  • governed by a voluntary board of New Zealand trustees.
  • accountable to our international body, World Vision International.
  • aligned with international codes of conduct setting standards and benchmarks.
  • committed to best-practice accountability to reduce the risk of corruption and fraud.
  • regularly peer-reviewed for adherence to governance and management standards.

World Vision New Zealand is part of the World Vision International partnership, and together we have impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.

As a leading global partner, our staff join with supporters, partners, families, and communities around the world in one heart and one mind to ensure all children enjoy life in all its fullness.
With decades of experience, we employ proven, effective development and relief practices to empower communities to become self-sufficient and bring real, lasting change. We are privileged to see lives and communities transformed.

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