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After looking after your loved ones, you can break the chains of poverty for future generations.

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Your gift of hope for tomorrow's children.

Imagine a future where every child experiences life in all its fullness. Free from poverty and persecution. Will you be remembered as someone whose love helped end extreme poverty, for good? Including a gift in your Will to World Vision, no matter the size, will break the chains of poverty for future generations. Your future gift will be a lasting expression of your love and the deep beliefs and values of your life.

The next generation needs you. Your wisdom, your compassion and your kindness. Your love can help tomorrow's children build futures filled with hope, dignity, choices and opportunities. Futures no longer limited by poverty.

How will you be remembered?

Many caring kiwis are choosing to include a gift in their Will as a way to leave the world better than they found it, to give back or as a reflection of their faith. World Vision New Zealand's National Director Grant Bayldon saw it as a natural extension of his loving, compassionate commitment to helping children.

Your future gift will mean children who are struggling just to survive will have enough food, water, health care and protection to get through the day, stay in school, and build brighter futures for themselves.

Your love can help end extreme poverty, for good.

Thank you for considering how you can continue to walk beside tomorrow’s children and offer them your hand of hope.

Become a Visionary and help break the chains of poverty for future generations.

Our Visionaries Group honours kind kiwis who've included a gift in their Will to World Vision. As a Visionary, you'll have the opportunity to hear first-hand about World Vision’s plans for the future, meet World Vision staff, and share your passion with other like-minded friends at special Visionaries events.


"Here in New Zealand, we have so much. It's possible to achieve it all, it's possible to leave something to my loved ones, and I consider World Vision a loved one."
Amanda Roulston, Visionary

"Our heart has always broken for those suffering. It feels good to do something to help."

Geoff and Winfred Fawcet, Visionaries

"Seeing the work first-hand gave me a much better idea of how a future gift in a Will can help create life in all its fullness for children."
Angela Campbell, Visionary

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Every gift, no matter the size, will help tackle extreme poverty at its roots – so every child can experience life in all its fullness. Even just 1% of your estate, or whatever you can afford after taking care of your loved ones, will make a life-changing difference. To learn more about including a gift in your Will, request a free information pack now.

<h4>About gifts in Wills</h4>

About gifts in Wills

You can transform the lives of the next generation of vulnerable children and communities living in extreme poverty and dangerous places.

<h4>How to leave a gift</h4>

How to leave a gift

Including a gift in your Will is simple to do, doesn't impact on your day-to-day living and gives satisfaction knowing that your generosity will live on.

<h4>Where your gift will go</h4>

Where your gift will go

Your future gift will be used wisely and cost-effectively so that it has the greatest impact and creates a lasting difference for children of the future.



Whether you're updating your Will, or creating one for the first time, we're here to help. Check out these FAQs or contact us for more information.

We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



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