Growing up surrounded by bars

Growing up surrounded by bars
“I wish nobody stuck here like us” says 3-year-old Melanie’s mother.

Melanie* is one of the 119 children who is being held indefinitely in Nauru.

She was born on the island and has spent her whole life in detainment. She has been forced to grow up surrounded by bars and security guards, without access to healthcare, education or proper housing. Mouldy tents have been her home for the past three years.

“Every day she plays as a doctor and says ‘I am a doctor’” says her mum.

Melanie’s dreams of being a doctor won’t become a reality if she is forced to stay on Nauru. But you can change that. Use your voice to get Melanie and her family resettled in New Zealand, so that she can the freedom and future every child deserves.

*Name changed to protect identity