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The world is failing the children of Syria

40 Hour Famine 2017

The world is failing the children of Syria

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of children, just like us, with no homes, no schools, an uncertain future and shattered dreams. The 2017 40 Hour Famine is about a generation of young New Zealanders uniting; friends, classmates, families, clubs and schools to show the world that we are standing side by side with our brothers and sisters in Syria. 

“We will stand as the voice of the Syrian refugees to show that they are not forgotten.” – Miranda, World Vision Youth Ambassador

If not us, then who?

We believe that when a generation stands united we can make a difference.

Meet Yazan who fled his home when the conflict started

40 Hour Famine 2017

Meet Yazan who fled his home when the conflict started

At age 8, Yazan was forced to flee his home in the middle of the night when the bombing started. With his younger brothers and sisters in tow, he found safety in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan. 

While he feels lucky to be alive, he says life is hard. “Every day is the same. At night I sleep with all my siblings in one room.”

More than anything, Yazan wants to keep going to school so he can learn and one day become a teacher.

What’s your 40 Hour Famine challenge?

“This is more than just any annual weekend activity. By making a small sacrifice over 40 hours, you are seriously changing the lives of vulnerable kids in the places that need it most. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you do, but about the fact that you’re doing something for the good of our global whanau!” – Pio, World Vision Youth Ambassador


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Meet your 2017 Youth Ambassadors

“Earlier this year we got to visit Jordan and I learnt that in fleeing this conflict, these people did not only lose their possessions but also their identity, their security and their dignity. The families we spoke to desperately asked us to not let them become intangible statistics or faceless millions but rather to talk about them and treat them as human beings whose lives matter. I was impacted through the realisation that people are people, no matter what situation we are born into.

“I also saw the incredible impact that last year’s funds made. It is the thought of bringing a smile to another child’s face that is inspiring me to raise money this year. I know that each dollar I raise is helping restore joy back into somebody’s life.”
– Julia, World Vision Youth Ambassador

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