The Syria Crisis is still the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, and it still desperately needs our attention

Get your school involved in the conversation!

Get your school involved in the conversation!

This September the newly elected New Zealand Government will begin their term. We want our Kiwi youth to use the power of their voice and let the next Prime Minister know what New Zealand should be doing to help the people of Syria. Send us your answers to this question: “If you were elected New Zealand’s next Prime Minister, what would you do to help children and families affected by the crisis in Syria and those who have been forced to flee?”

World Vision will compile a report using the submissions and present it to key leaders and members of Parliament in October. We’ll also be inviting those with the biggest and best ideas to share their views in Parliament! 

Check out the toolkit and resources to learn more about the crisis and see what World Vision New Zealand is advocating for. Ensure all submissions are submitted by 6pm, 30 September 2017.


Join us in telling Parliament to stand united with the millions affected by the Syria Crisis