How to get a 6 year old’s seal of approval in the West Bank

25/01/2017 by World Vision New Zealand


How to get a 6 year old’s seal of approval in the West Bank

Leen’s closest kindergarten was in another village more than 10km away. 

Leen lives in the West Bank and was one of the lucky few who even got to go to kindergarten. Many missed out entirely. 

We know that children are most receptive to learning between birth and three years of age. That’s why our work in early childhood education is so critical; it lays the foundation for all that is to come. 

Partnering with the community and the Palestine Ministry of Education makes the difference

Our team in World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza approached the local community and the Palestine Ministry of Education to establish an early childhood facility closer to where Leen lives. The village council pledged land and World Vision donated books, furniture and toys. The Ministry of Education also agreed to provide a full-time teacher. The principal of the primary school that now also includes the kindergarten says they couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. 

“We appreciate World Vison and the Ministry’s efforts in responding to our needs. Students are now well taught and prepared to go to the first grade. They’re gaining new life skills and they are happy about the new safe play area they have. Since this kindergarten is a governmental one, parents pay less fees. The number of kindergarten students is expected to be higher next year as we have more children registering.”

Leen also gives the kindergarten the seal of approval. 

 “I used to go to a kindergarten in another village, far away from where I live. It was boring, and had no playground. Now I love my kindergarten and enjoy playing with my classmates.”

About our work in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza

We have been working in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza since 1975. World Vision’s budget is primarily spent on education, health, economic development and child protection initiatives to improve child wellbeing and empower communities for change.

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