A full glass of milk

A full glass of milk

Sahanara and Zaharul were struggling to meet their family's needs. Zaharul works in the field but there was not enough money. 

“I was very poor. I had no ability to feed my baby. We had passed through life with difficulty. I was totally upset thinking about the future of my life and about the life of my child,” shares Sahanara.   
Then, Sahanara heard from a neighbour about the work World Vision was doing in their community in helping families with a secondary income.  
Sahanara attended World Vision training sessions and she worked hard. She learned about cattle rearing, home gardening, and how to maintain the newly introduced eco-ovens. After completing her training, Sahanara and her family were given vegetable seeds and a cow.  
She now gets enough fresh vegetables from her household garden as is easily able to meet the family’s nutritional needs. The cow has given birth to a calf, and Sahanara can get about 1.75 litres of milk per day, meaning she has excess to sell at the local market.  

She says, “Before I was not able to give a glass of milk to my beloved daughter for drinking. But now every day I can give a full glass of milk to my daughter. Now I am very happy.”