We are World Vision. Together we are on a mission to make a difference to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children

Our mission

We are World Vision. Together we are on a mission to make a difference to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children

We have faith in the potential for transformation in the toughest situations. We have hope that everyone might experience a ‘full life’. We believe that love has the power to overcome all. 

A mission we share with you

For over 60 years, World Vision has been working towards eliminating poverty and its causes. Five generations of Kiwis have stood with World Vision, working together to overcome poverty and build brighter futures. Over 1 million young people have engaged in the 40 Hour Famine, many have gone on to sponsor a child, and dug deep when an emergency strikes. This engagement is reciprocal. A little of the unique spirit of Aotearoa has blossomed in the hearts of countless children and their communities through the letters, messages and actions of our Kiwi staff and supporters.

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A mission we share with the communities we work with 

Relief work can be short-term, while rehabilitation and development may last up to ten years. Either way, our work is always dependent on the consent of the communities involved. Together we identify, prioritise, design projects and prepare budgets. While we provide a safety net, technical support and finance, it is people from the communities themselves that work towards their own development. Globally we have 22,500 staff members working in 96 countries that work toward this mission.

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A mission that is Christ centred

We are committed to the poor because we are Christ centred. We work with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve transformation. All of us at World Vision are connected in our desire to seek justice and to overcome poverty for all children, everywhere. Some of our partners share our Christian story, but many have other stories that motivate them to work with us. We welcome and celebrate this diversity.

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We are committed to reporting on the impact of our work

When you choose to stand with World Vision, you will get evidence of the impact of your choice. Our project reports, research and community stories show that our programs result in real and lasting change for children and families.

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We are transparent and accountable

We are vigilant in managing costs and not spending more than we receive and ultimately ensuring we live within our commitment of sending 80.8 cents in every dollar offshore.

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$50/month creates lasting change

$50/month creates lasting change

When you sponsor a child, you join many other Kiwis - and your sponsored child's community - in working to create lasting change.

We work alongside the entire community to make changes in healthcare, sanitation, education, livelihoods, food security, and child protection, ensuring that everyone in the community experiences life in all its fullness.

View our child protection policies: Online Child Safety Standards | Child Protection Policy

World Vision New Zealand is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (registration CC25984), making donations tax refundable.