Community Guidelines


We’re so glad to have you a part of this online community of World Vision staff, donors, advocates and supporters.

Our hope is that you will find our website a place of resource and encouragement that allows you to engage in meaningful conversation with us and with others who are as passionate as you are to build a better world for children.

As we encourage everyone to express their opinions freely in informed debate and discussion, we also encourage courteous, respectful comments. Therefore, please know that we will delete and/or report posts, comments and images that we consider:
  • Obscene, profane, disrespectful or hateful in nature
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  • Comments that encourage illegal activity
Comments from a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn TikTok or Twitter profile that are reported will be managed by according to the platform’s individual community policies. 

These guidelines will be updated as necessary. Please share your questions, comments or concerns by contacting us