40 Hour Challenge FAQs

The World Vision 40 Hour Challenge is New Zealand’s largest youth fundraising campaign.  
Every year since 1975, tens of thousands of young Kiwis have taken a stand through a 40 Hour Challenge to raise money and bring hope to thousands of children living in poverty in more than 40 countries. Some participants choose to give up something for 40 hours, like technology or talking. Or, you could get creative, by living out of a backpack or doing 40 acts of kindness– whatever your idea is, just go for it!  
So far, more than 3 million New Zealanders have participated and over $80 million has been raised – helping to transform thousands of lives both here in New Zealand, and around the world.  

We'd love for you to join us!
The World Vision 40 Hour Challenge is a fun way for young people to make a positive difference. Just pick a 40 hour challenge and have your friends and family sponsor you to raise funds for vulnerable children around the world. You’ll help regreen our future by partnering with communities to restore forests and fight the impacts of climate change. Check out our 10 step guide on how to do the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge. 

1.Pick a challenge.
Stuck for ideas? Check out our challenge ideas resource to get you started. Whatever idea you have to raise money this year, go for it. From giving up your phone to planting 40 trees in 40 hours or spending 40 hours outdoors in nature - every action counts!

Note: Please choose a challenge that is safe for you and consult a healthcare professional before attempting your challenge.

2.Set up your online fundraising page. It's the easiest way to raise awareness and collect donations. You can also raise funds with a Sponsorship Book that you can collect from your Challenge Organiser or, if you are not in a team, you can order a Sponsorship Book here

3.Start fundraising.
Let your family and friends know that you are doing the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge and ask them to sponsor you. Start by sharing your fundraising page on social media!

Do The World Vision 40 Hour Challenge!
TThis year, the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge will be taking place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June 2024, but if those dates don't suit you, you can pick ones that do.

Collect your sponsorship money, and make sure it is all banked by 5th July 2024. Pat yourself on the back and know that you've done a fantastic job standing with frontline communities to fight the impacts of climate change.

The official World Vision 40 Hour Challenge starts at 8pm on Friday 21st June and ends midday Sunday 23rd June 2024.

If you’re unable to complete your challenge this weekend then you can choose a time that works for you! You’ll still make such a big impact just by being a part of it and fundraising.
Apart from the name, everything else remains the same. The instructions, and the event itself, are all a continuation of the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge that’s been around for nearly 50 years.