Child Sponsorship FAQs

Child Sponsorship changes children's lives by transforming the community where they live. Using your donations, we identify the causes of children's poverty and vulnerability and create development projects to address them. Child sponsorship pairs one sponsor with one child and allows you to connect through letters and photos.
Yes, a child is now able to choose their sponsor. You can sign up to be Chosen. Whether you are chosen, or choose a child, your sponsorship will make a life-changing difference.

Learn more about Chosen.
Through Child Sponsorship, World Vision transforms the lives of your Sponsor Child’s whole community; enabling your child, their family, and their wider community to have access to better healthcare, education, water and economic opportunities.

To change a child’s life, you have to change the world in which they live. Your money does not go directly to your sponsor child, or their family, but enables World Vision to work with their entire community to have an even bigger impact and make long-term sustainable change for everyone. As a member of this community, your Sponsor Child receives the benefits of this incredible change and their own lives are transformed. It’s a pretty incredible change to be a part of!
We are doing what is needed to keep children and their families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The safety measures we’re taking will vary depending on the country where children are choosing their sponsors. This could involve holding much smaller choosing parties where social distancing is in place, or going door-to-door so children can still choose their sponsors but from the safety of their homes. Measures such as mask-wearing, where needed, and frequent and thorough hand-washing will also be maintained.