Gift Catalogue FAQs

From goats to vege gardens, clean water to books, each gift represents the life-changing work we are doing right now with communities. For example, if you give a pig, you’re giving a donation to a community’s agricultural and farming projects. If you build a toilet, you’re contributing to a community’s health projects. 

After decades of experience, World Vision has found this is the most effective way to really help a community and be sure funds go where they are most needed within sectors. 

When you order a printed gift card you can choose to have a personalised message printed inside the card, or if you would like to handwrite your message you can leave the 'message' section blank.

When you order a printed Smiles card you need to enter the card recipient details which are used to post the card to the recipient. These details (name and postal address) are not printed on the gift card. You can enter your own details if you would like the card posted to yourself.
Yes, the more gifts you buy the greater impact your donation will make. 

When you choose a gift by selecting the ‘add’ button, simply do this for each of the gifts you would like to purchase, before selecting ‘Next’. You can add another gift onto your order any time before you select ‘Confirm’.
Yes, you are able to select who receives each card, so you can enter the names of your loved ones, or your own name.