Child Sponsorship FAQs

When you sign up to be chosen as a sponsor, your photo is sent to the community where it will be displayed at a choosing party where a child will choose you.

The photo will have your name and supporter ID number printed on it. That helps us make sure we match you and your sponsored child correctly. 

If you choose to include your family members in the photo, this gives the child a little bit more information about you. As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to connect more with your sponsored child after they have chosen you, by writing letters and emails. 
The monthly rate is the same for both invitation options to child sponsorship. The rate for child sponsorship is $50/month. 
Yes, if you want to include your family in the photo, then the child who chooses you will get to choose your whole family. Please make sure you have the consent from each person in the photo before submitting it and be aware that the name of the person who completes the donation online will be the only name printed with the photo. Once you and your sponsored child are connected, you’ll get to share more information about your family members in the letters you exchange!
No, if you want to be chosen by your sponsored child, you will not get to request specific characteristics of the child who will choose you. The empowering part of the process is that children get to choose their own sponsor. 

After the choosing party, you'll get to find out why your new sponsored child chose you! If you would prefer to sponsor a child with certain attributes – such as a child from a particular country or with a special birthday, you still have the option to choose a child yourself.