Child Sponsorship FAQs

We do need a photo if you wish to be chosen by a child. A core component of the chosen experience is that children get to choose their sponsor from a display of photos. It's incredibly empowering for them, and we’ve heard many inspiring stories of what drew individual children to their sponsors.
You can write to your Sponsored Child as often as you like. Please note that due to postal restrictions processing time can take a lot longer, and we will only be able to process replies from your Sponsored Child every three to four months.
Yes! If you sign up to Chosen, a child will choose you. There is no lack of children that need help, and we have operational procedures in place to ensure that all who sign up to participate will be chosen.
Whenever you write to your Sponsored Child you should receive a reply. You will receive your reply in the post, and it may take three to four months because post delays in developing countries are very common.

If you don’t receive a reply after three to four months, please contact us on 0800 800 776 or email us at and we will follow it up.