World Vision says UN Gaza ceasefire resolution is only the first step toward healing a generation of children

27 Mar 2024 by World Vision
World Vision says UN Gaza ceasefire resolution is only the first step toward healing a generation of children

Humanitarian agency World Vision welcomes the ceasefire resolution adopted by the UN Security Council. We pray that all sides embrace this resolution. Humanitarian aid must now reach the children that desperately need it, so that famine can be averted. World Vision warns that a ceasefire will have only limited value if it does not quickly lead to the permanent end of hostilities and a lasting peace. The alternative is that children will continue to pay a devastating price in this conflict.

“We welcome this resolution for a ceasefire as a first step in re-establishing the principle that civilians, particularly children, must be protected in every conflict, on all sides. The situation is heartbreaking, with countless lives shattered by months of unimaginable pain and suffering,” said Andrew Morley, World Vision International President and CEO, “A ceasefire should urgently be implemented and all hostages released. Lifesaving aid must reach children whose lives have been shattered by months of suffering in a conflict across multiple nations.”

Conditions for families in Gaza and the West Bank are deteriorating at an alarming speed, with humanitarian needs growing exponentially since the horrendous terror attacks committed on 7 October 2023. New incidents of devastation and loss occur daily as further shockwaves from the conflict are felt by children in the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, and beyond.

“This generation of children will bear physical and mental scars for a lifetime, as so many are displaced by violence, kept from school, separated from hostages they love, lack health care, and are desperately short of food. Ultimately, the scale of the harm is such that even if a temporary ceasefire is enacted, it will not restore the damage,” said Mr Morley, “No child should ever experience the crushing pain of hunger, losing a parent, or having family members being held hostage. Once the weapons are silenced, we all need to raise our voices to ensure children affected by this conflict can continue to reach their God-given potential in life. We must make our call for a new tide of understanding, healing, and peace so loud that nobody, on any side, can go back to indiscriminate slaughter.”