Life-saving aid set to be distributed in the worst hit parts of Indonesia

02 Oct 2018 by Gabriel Thomas, News Media Advisor
Life-saving aid set to be distributed in the worst hit parts of Indonesia

World Vision in Indonesia is preparing to bring aid to some of the millions who have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. 

So far the emergency response has been severely hampered by damaged infrastructure including blocked roads, a lack of power and a shortage of petrol. But some basic items like soap and clean clothes have been pre positioned in Palu and distribution of them will begin today.

Three days after the earthquake first hit, shortages of food and water in affected areas are becoming serious. There is also urgent need for tents, tarpaulins, medicine, generators, petrol, and body bags to stop the spread of disease. 
“Food and clean water are in extremely low supply,” says WV regional manager Radika Pinto “But access and security are making it challenging to start distributing relief supplies. We hope to scale up relief activities as soon as possible, as it’s desperately needed.”

For now though, efforts are still primarily focused on search and rescue. “The smell of death is strong in the air”, Pinto says, “And it could start impacting people’s health. I’m afraid the death toll is going to continue to rise dramatically.”

Once WV Indonesia can get access to the worst affected areas, it will focus on basic relief items, but also health issues - communicable disease prevention, food security and psychosocial support through Child-Friendly Spaces and Child Protection.

World Vision has staff in Indonesia available for interview, please contact Gabriel Thomas 021 360 098 or Chloe Irvine 022 340 4271