Thousands of children in desperate need of safety following earthquake in Mexico

21 Sep 2017 by World Vision New Zealand
Thousands of children in desperate need of safety following earthquake in Mexico
Thousands of children desperately need a safe place to shelter before nightfall, World Vision said today, following the devastating earthquake in Mexico that has killed more than 220 people.

Hundreds of people are believed to be trapped in buildings. Children and their families are now out on the streets, afraid to go home in case of aftershocks. Without emergency shelters to go to they will be forced to sleep on the streets tonight. Millions of children were last night plunged into darkness and have been left terrified.

"As a humanitarian organisation devoted to the wellbeing of children, they are our primary concern as this crisis develops. We have been providing food and medicine to those who are on now the streets, and are determined to find safe places for them to sleep before night falls." said Silvia Novoa, National Director of World Vision Mexico.

Rescue efforts are continuing in the densely-populated capital. World Vision has been assisting rescue efforts across the city, including Enrique Rebsamen School, where rescuers have retrieved the bodies of 25 primary school children and are trying to rescue 4 children that are trapped in the rubble. Thousands of civilians are helping around the clock to distribute tools, food, water, clothes and hygiene items.

Victor Martinez, World Vision Mexico’s communication manager, said: “We have deployed staff to the worst affected areas of the capital, as well as Puebla and Morelos to help with the rescue effort. Teams of volunteers are on the ground removing rubble piece by piece. Our priority is to save lives.”

Martinez said, “We are working with the emergency services to establish shelters, as well as distribute and hygiene kits.

“Our specialists will provide emotional support for children. These disasters are incredibly traumatic for children some of whom will have lost their friends, families and homes in this earthquake.”

Among the most urgent needs are mobile sanitary cabins and electric generators to continue for the search of people still buried under rubble.

"We are calling the international community and everyone around the globe to support us to make sure that every child is protected after this traumatic event," Novoa said.

Chloe Irvine, Head of External Affairs, World Vision New Zealand  |  ‚Äč+64 22 340 4271