Vanuatu starts the long process of rebuilding after Cyclone Harold

04 May 2020 by Gabriel Thomas, News Media Advisor
Vanuatu starts the long process of rebuilding after Cyclone Harold

A month on from Cyclone Harold, families in Vanuatu are moving from an immediate survival phase into starting to rebuild their homes and livelihoods, but there’s a lot of work ahead according to humanitarian agency World Vision.

In some parts of the country 100% of crops – avocados, grapefruit and mangoes – has been lost. Tens of thousands of people face food shortages and many families have lost all their income.

About 53,000 people have been severely affected by the cyclone. 13,000 households are still without shelter after their homes were damaged or destroyed.

World Vision has been working in Vanuatu for many years and has been supporting the local population throughout this disaster.

The agency has distributed:
  • More than 1000 tarpaulins, and more than 200 tool kits to help families rebuild shelter
  • More than 1200 blankets
  • More than 200 solar lanterns
  • Kitchen kits and mosquito nets

More aid has arrived in the country over the weekend, including hygiene kits and water purification tablets for households who still don’t have clean water. The arrival of more aid items has been slowed down by international border controls put in place because of COVID-19.

Gabriel Thomas, News Media Advisor, World Vision New Zealand  |  ‚Äč+64 21 360 098