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World Vision launches appeal for millions affected by Indonesia Earthquake, as it provides aid to survivors

01 Oct 2018 by Gabriel Thomas, News Media Advisor
 World Vision launches appeal for millions affected by Indonesia Earthquake, as it provides aid to survivors

World Vision New Zealand has launched an appeal for donations to help the millions of people affected by Indonesia’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. The international humanitarian organisation is already on the ground delivering life-saving aid to affected families – hygiene kits, and tarpaulins and blankets for shelter. Emergency infant feeding has also been provided.

As well as shelter, survivors urgently need food and water, and medical assistance. World Vision is currently transporting more aid into the worst-hit areas. But the aid response is being hampered by the devastation that has knocked out power lines, bridges, damaged airport infrastructure and brought down water and power supplies. Roads have been blocked by landslides. Shortages of clean water and food are already reported.

World Vision in Indonesia Regional Manager Radika Pinto has arrived in Palu and says there’s widespread destruction and chaos. “Many buildings are damaged or have collapsed completely. People are building makeshift shelters in the hills because they are terrified of another tsunami. There continue to be aftershocks and people are in a state of panic. Many people are hungry. Clean drinking water is also a huge need because the water pipelines are broken. The hospitals are damaged with medical staff performing services outside, and medical supplies are needed.”

The official death toll from the quake and tsunami stands at more than 800, but the government is warning that it could rise into the thousands. More than two million people have been affected on Sulawesi island, and the scale of the devastation is still unfolding. Communications with the area are intermittent with no news reported from some areas.

A large team of humanitarian experts from World Vision are deploying in to assess the scale of the disaster and to expand aid operations.

World Vision in Indonesia's National Director, Doseba Sinay. “World Vision is deeply concerned about the impact of this on children, who at this stage will be terrified of the aftershocks and struggling to cope with the uncertainty and loss of loved ones. Ensuring that survivors have their immediate needs met with adequate shelter, food and water will be critical over the coming days.”

World Vision has 38 staff currently working in the affected area, where World Vision development programmes support thousands of sponsored children. World Vision has worked in Indonesia for 61 years and was already responding to an earthquake in August that killed more than 400 people.

World Vision has staff on the ground available for interview, please contact Gabriel Thomas 021 360 098 or Chloe Irvine 022 340 4271