World Vision outraged by alleged Bucha atrocities

05 Apr 2022 by World Vision
World Vision outraged by alleged Bucha atrocities

•    World Vision is appalled by media reports of alleged killings of civilians in Bucha and supports calls for accountability  
•    The humanitarian organisation urges all parties to the conflict to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians 
•    The agency continues to quickly scale up protection and other critical services to reach 300,000 of the most vulnerable people inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. 
Humanitarian organisation World Vision is outraged by media reports of scores of dead civilians discovered in the streets of Bucha, Ukraine. 

The agency calls for an immediate end to indiscriminate violence against children and their families.   

World Vision’s Regional Leader, Middle East and Eastern Europe, Eleanor Monbiot, says all parties to the conflict must make stronger commitments to ensure the prevention of atrocities and ultimately must bring an immediate end to this deadly conflict. 
“I am appalled by these reports of indiscriminate violence and the heinous loss of life, allegedly committed against innocent civilians,” she says. 

“Atrocities like this are abhorrent and break the laws of humanity. Those responsible for the deliberate murder of innocent civilians must be held accountable. The lives of civilian men, women and children affected by this conflict must be protected above all else. All sides of this conflict must redouble their efforts to ensure accountability so that this does not happen again.” 
World Vision has been working in Ukraine and Romania since the first week of the crisis and continues to scale up its work to support and protect the most vulnerable people and their families with basic essentials and other critical services with the goal of reaching nearly 300,000 people in Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia within the next few months.   


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