Allah and his Children's Club

Allah and his Children's Club

I met Allah again today and want to share his story.

At 12 years old, he is the oldest of eight siblings. Back in 2009, Allah’s family struggled to buy textbooks and stationary for him and though Allah wanted to stay in school, it became a challenge. He didn’t have the confidence to tell his parents he wanted to keep studying and ended up dropping out.  
World Vision met Allah and helped him join his local Children’s Club as a stepping stone towards school. There he learned about his rights, and developed the confidence to tell his parents he wanted to go back to school.

We work hard with our Children’s Club’s around Nawada to ensure they are equipped to identify others who need support and think of ways they can help them. Allah’s club saw his need and together they decided to use some of their savings to help purchase books and stationary for him.  
With that little bit of help, Allah is now doing well in school. His headmaster promised if he keeps showing improvement, he can move up two grades.  
I am so proud of the Children’s Clubs all throughout Nawada that helping children like Allah know their rights and develop confidence to use their voices.