At 11, Ferdaushi was about to marry

At 11, Ferdaushi was about to marry

Ferdaushi parents are very poor, and decided to marry her to a 22-year-old man.

11-year-old Ferdaushi (pictured at the rear with her two best friends) is a child labourer, enrolled in World Vision’s Non-Formal Education centre in Rangpur.

When she found out about her marriage, she shared it with her classmates, who then told a helper at the education centre. 

The helper met with the community, and took the news to a local government official – who then sat down with Ferdaushi’s parents to talk about the problems of early marriage. 

Now Ferdaushi is going to school regularly in addition to her work. 

Ferdaushi could have become one of the 15 million girls who each year are forced into early marriage across the world. Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, with almost 20 per cent of girls married by 15-years-old. The effects and consequences of child marriage are serious, ranging from severe sexual and reproductive health complications and an increase in child mortality, to domestic violence and social isolation.