Boubacar's life has been transformed

For the first nine years of Boubacar’s life, he was completely blind. Boubacar had severe cataracts most likely from malnutrition. Through the help of World Vision Boubacar’s sight was restored and today, Boubacar can attend school.  

Boubacar is one of 91 sponsored children in a remote Senegalese village. Since the community partnership with World Vision, malnutrition in all children has dropped from 39 per cent to 0.2 per cent, and education attendance in all children has jumped from 65 per cent to 100 per cent. A number of highly vulnerable children like Boubacar have also received individual care.  

Boubacar's life has been transformed. This was made possible by his World Vision Sponsor, and by the Child Sponsorship programme. Boubacar’s mother Fatoumata is especially grateful for the help of World Vision in her community and her son’s sponsor “Boubacar is at school. The words lack me in gratitude. When I think about all the good things that have happened here I am grateful, I stay hopeful, because children are in school and tomorrow, might succeed in life.”