Transforming the lives of entire communities

Transforming the lives of entire communities

Boubacar with his mother Fatoumata and his father.
For the first nine years of Boubacar’s life, he was completely blind from severe cataracts most likely from malnutrition.

Boubacar’s mother, Fatoumata, did not realise that he couldn’t see anything in front of him until he started walking.

Through the help of World Vision, Boubacar’s sight was restored and today, he attends school.

Fatoumata is especially grateful for the help of World Vision in her community and her son’s sponsor. "I am full of joy when I see him play, it is inconceivable when I see him and think of his past.

"When he comes home from the football ground and school he feels confident in himself. I used to fear about his life, but now I don't feel any sadness or shame for him. I see him now and my heart is full of joy."

The change to their community is visible everywhere, according to Fatoumata.

"Children suffered a lot because there was no doctor, no school, no good water. Today there is progress. There is good water, a clinic, a school.

“When I think about all the good things that have happened here I am grateful, I stay hopeful, because children are in school and tomorrow, might succeed in life."

Boubacar is sponsored through the World Vision Child Sponsorship program, he is seen here with his community facilitator Tamba.

World Vision Senegal program manager, Crepin, attributes Boubacar’s transformation to the support of his sponsor. "Child Sponsorship is a real door-opener for us to achieve many incredible wonders to create a better life for children and their community. The way in which Boubacar's life has been transformed was made possible by his sponsor."

Crepin says the partnership between the government, World Vision, and the sponsors have created a significant impact on communities, allowing children to better develop in schools, and projects such as a new mill lighten the workload on women.

Tonguia community facilitator Tamba is overjoyed at the transformation that Boubacar has experienced. "Before World Vision came, there was a lot of diarrhoea, children were not well, there was no school, there were lots of things missing. We enrolled him in the Child Sponsorship programme.

"I cannot tell you how happy I was. We saved a child who was almost lost. And not only Boubacar, all the children have the same thing, they all drink the same clean water and have the same joy,

"When I think about people like Boubacar's sponsor, truly they are people without equals."

Boubacar missed out on playing with his friends and experiencing the fun of being a child.

"I couldn't see anything. I would hear my friends saying 'come and play', but I couldn't go. It was as if I was a dead person,” Boubacar explains.

Thanks to the support of his sponsor, World Vision was able to arrange for him to receive an operation to improve his sight, opening up a world of opportunities for his future.

"When the bandage first came off, I opened my eyes and Tamba was in front of me. It was really incredible. I don't have all the words! I couldn't believe it. I thank my sponsor for having helped me and my friends. I pray to God about my sponsor because he is responsible for my light."

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