Building confidence can teach children to read

Building confidence can teach children to read
Nine-year-old Basmala would dread going to school. 
A learning difficulty meant she struggled to keep up with her classmates and lacked self-confidence. When she was first asked to attend a World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza remedial classes, she was reluctant.

“I thought it’s just extra school time. I wasn’t used to participating in class because I felt shy and was afraid my answer might be wrong. After attending remedial classes; my feelings changed. The teachers recognised weaknesses and supported us to overcome them which rebuilt our confidence.”

World Vision partnered with the Palestine Ministry of Education in Jenin, West Bank to develop the remedial classes for Palestinian children and helped engage new teaching graduates to run the lessons.

“The skills I learned during the extra classes have helped me improve and my teachers noticed that and are praising me,” says Basmala. “My proudest moment was when I received my school certificate (for the year) and it was 85 per cent. My mother was so happy. Now, I’m in the fourth grade and I feel excited and energetic to study hard and enjoy school.”

Amal, Basmala’s teacher, says her student has come a long way in a short time. “Basmala progressed and improved in many ways. She overcame her problem with stammering and learned how to read and that made her more confident and proactive in class. She also showed a talent during the remedial classes in acting and speeches. She participated in the school morning radio for the first time to
read a poem and she was extremely happy and motivated.”

About our work in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza
We have been working in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza since 1975. World Vision’s budget is primarily spent on education, health, economic development and child protection initiatives to improve child wellbeing and empower communities for change.