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Thank you for helping a mum feed her children and keep them healthy.

Your $3 donation is contributing to life-changing Health and Nutrition projects around the world. You’re giving children and their families access to clean water and healthcare. Your donation ensures children grow up healthy and safe from preventable diseases.

Your support makes a real difference for mums like Joyce.

<br>Your support makes a real difference for mums like Joyce.

Loveness (2), with mother Joyce, Zambia

Loveness is an active, healthy 2-year-old, but not long ago, she was very ill. Severe malnutrition meant her weight had dropped, and she was regularly getting sick, to the point where she became too weak to stand.

"I had never been so scared. I thought it was the end of my daughter's life," her mother Joyce told us. 

Thanks to the support of kind-hearted people, just like you, Loveness was assessed and started on a nutrition programme.

Joyce was also given support and training on the best nutrition for Loveness and how to grow and prepare meals. It has been life-changing. 

"It makes me happy to see Loveness happy and healthy," shares Joyce.

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