Tips for
writing to your sponsored child

Writing to your sponsored child is a great way to show your caring words of hope, encouragement and love.

Your letter goes on an amazing journey to reach your sponsored child.

<center>What to write</center>

What to write

Your sponsored child would love to get to know all about you. Tell them about your family and what you do for fun. If you have children or pets, it’s great to write about them too. Or get your kids to write as pen pals. It’s best to keep your letters short and simple for easy translation.

<center>What to avoid</center>

What to avoid

It’s best to steer clear of topics like religion and politics, as cultural backgrounds can be varied. But it’s always ok to let your sponsored child know you’re praying for them. Avoid writing about material possessions. It’s important that you never include your address.

Letter Journey

We are fully committed to making communications with your sponsored child as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Our priority is to ensure the safety and privacy of you and your sponsored child. It's important that you don't try and contact them using technology like social media sites. 

  If you would like to share information or updates about your sponsored child online, please do not publish any identifying or private information about the child (e.g. the name of their community). Only use their first name and country.