Barack is a change-maker in Uganda

Not long ago, Barack’s best friend had to drop out of school because she was pregnant. It was a difficult situation. But Barack believes “Even difficult situations can change if we all join hands.”

For five years, Barack has been advocating to end violence against children in Uganda. Alongside other children in his community, he’s learned how to take the lead on issues that impact his life.

Barack encouraged his best friend to return to school and helped her family work out a solution to care for the baby. He couldn’t have done it five years ago, but with supporters like you by his side, he’s grown in confidence.

“At first I lacked the boldness to speak openly in public,” Barack says. “World Vision has equipped me with child advocacy skills.”

Barack’s not joking. He has serious skills. He’s worked with local leaders on proposals to end child marriage and child labour. He’s championed child rights on radio talk shows and on live TV!

And he’s using his skills to fight the forces that keep girls out of school.

Girls like his best friend, who’ve experienced abuse and poverty that led to their becoming mums before they were ready.

“It’s a very touching issue that girls are not in school because of teenage pregnancy,” he says.

“The consequences can’t be reversed. That’s why I’m calling for a change in attitudes and behaviour. I want to end violence against children, especially child marriage. I want to see children, especially girls, living a fulfilled life with joy, education, parental support and achieving their dreams. I want to be part of a community where all children can access education.”

“A protected and educated child is a happy child,” Barack says. “If we can save children, we save Uganda.”

In Uganda and around the world, thousands of children like Barack are making change because you helped show them what change looks like. Thank you for helping children to build brighter futures for themselves!

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