Random acts of kindness your whole family will enjoy.

Random acts of kindness your whole family will enjoy.

We all want to raise kind kids and cultivate families defined by love, generosity and compassion. But sometimes, the mundane and the busyness of life really do interfere with our best intentions. Little acts of kindness can make a big difference. As Morgan Freeman said, “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”

To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of 40 fun activities you can use to take your family on a little journey of kindness. Print it off, stick it on the fridge and let your young ones take the lead in picking random acts to sprinkle kindness in your home, neighbourhood, community, and world.

  40 ACTS OF KINDNESS | Download PDF
  1. Spread the love. Put up cards or posters in your window or front yard with positive messages for your neighbours and passers-by. You never know how much a kind, encouraging word can change the course of someone’s day!

  2. Clean out and help out. Cleaning out their wardrobe might not sound fun for a kid but how about if they are motivated to donate their unused clothes or toys to an organisation that helps others? Better yet, let the kids pick where they would like to donate to. [Added bonus – clean wardrobes!]

  3. Pay someone a compliment. It might sound simple, but what about if you take it up a level? If you’re impressed with the service at your local coffee shop, post office or restaurant, why not tell the manager about the great job the service staff are doing. Instead of a formal complaint, make a formal compliment.

  4. Howdy neighbour. How often do you actually check in with your neighbour? Send a postcard to a neighbour to let them know you’re thinking of them. This is a fun one for kids to do, even if they just want to draw a picture on the back of a postcard and hand deliver it.

  5. Service with a smile. Make a meal or snack for someone in your household. Without being asked. Just because.

  6. Spread some more love. Leave nice chalk messages on the pavement outside your home or in your park (i.e. Have a great day! or The world needs YOU!)

  7. Phone a friend. We might talk to our friends often, but when was the last time you called a friend just to tell them you love them? Do it and see [hear] their face light up!

  8. Invite a grandparent to a school or sporting event. Grandparents, or surrogate grandparents love to be involved in your life. Give them a call and invite them to something you have at school or music or sports coming up.

  9. Make a card for your teacher. Tell them what you appreciate about them.

  10. Cook a meat-free meal. Or two. Make a plan to try and reduce your environmental impact by cooking regular meat-free meals. Plan it with the kids so they have buy-in.

  11. Make cards for sick kids at your local hospital.

  12. Bring your neighbour’s bins up the driveway after rubbish day.

  13. Offer to skill share with a friend via video call. You could teach guitar, dance, or review each other’s homework assignments.

  14. Surprise someone with a small gift to brighten their day. It could just be some fresh flowers from the garden.

  15. Colour pictures for nursing home residents.

  16. Take out the rubbish (without being asked!)

  17. Paint rocks or pebbles with inspirational messages and leave them in your community garden for residents to find.

  18. Organise your family’s recycling.

  19. Hide a joke for someone to find. If you get a laugh, why not make it a habit. You could be the serial, secret family joker!

  20. Sort out old towels for donation to an animal shelter.

  21. Turn a jar or can from recycling into a vase and fill it with flowers for someone.

  22. Help rake leaves in your garden.

  23. Sort out old books for donation.

  24. Wash the car. Inside and out if you’re feeling extra generous.

  25. Limit your energy usage (e.g. turn off lights and heaters in rooms you’re not using).

  26. Plant a mini herb garden and cook with the herbs.

  27. Cook dinner for your friends or whanau.

  28. Send someone you know a picture of a cute animal.

  29. Send a motivational text to someone who you know is struggling.

  30. Arrange to watch a film the same time as a friend who lives far away. Connect across time zones!

  31. Pick up rubbish in your community or join a beach clean-up.

  32. Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while.

  33. Create a compost bin at home. Your garden and the environment will thank you!

  34. Tell someone you know why you are thankful for them.

  35. Avoid single-use plastic. Create a list of plastics your family are trying to eliminate.

  36. Send an interesting article to a friend and then organise a time to debrief and talk about it together, either in person or online.

  37. Create a meal from the leftovers in the fridge – this will nourish your family and reduce your waste, double win!

  38. Send someone you know an inspirational story of kindness from around the world.

  39. Offer to grab groceries for someone who is sick or who can’t get to the shops.

  40. Upcycle something. Find something you’re no longer using and give it a new lease on life.